DATE OF BIRTH: Feb. 5, 1993             STANCE: Goofy             FAVE WAVE: Kewalos

Multi-talented Japanese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese and Irish beauty Kelia Moniz grew up in a surfing family that spends more time in the water than on land. Kelia, known by friends and family as “Sister,” is used to hanging with the boys. With her four brothers and her Dad, a former professional surfer, Sister is just as comfortable paddling out at dawn at Waikiki as she is in full make-up and hair for a photo shoot. Growing up in Oahu, Kelia began surfing at the age of five and has spent most of her formative years as a longboarder. Her family’s strong bond and ties to surfing have been a monumental influence in her life, both in and out of the water.

Most recently, the 21-year old captured her second straight ASP World title in women’s longboard in Hainan Island, China.

-What is the surf scene in China?

-There isn’t any scene, or very little.The surf scene is very new to their culture, and that’s why they’re starting to support this sport within their culture.There is potential in this country and good waves all over Hainan Island. The Chinese government is trying to build a tourist attraction with the Hainan Island, and I think surf can be a very important part of that.

-Could you compare the waves of Hainan Island to the US ones?

-There is a perfect left-handpoint break. Unfortunately, we had to move the competition to Queens on the last day because of little wave.

-That wave seems very suitable for your surfing style since you grew up in Waikiki.

-Yes, it was perfect for me. Kai Sallas told me it was like my wave and I had fun. That's what I did in the final and it worked in my favor.

- Who was your support team in China?

-My mom was my first help. Also the other girls of the Hawaii event: Natalia Smith of Kauai and Crystal Dzigas. It was good to have all of Hawaii's support there.